Short Stories

Find David Fingerman’s short stories in the following anthologies and magazines:

Ghostly Dreamspell book cover

“An Almost 1 Star Hotel”

Dreamspell Nightmares book cover

“The Charcoal Man”

Vampire Dreamspell book cover

“Last of the Line”

Dreamspell Revenge book cover

“In Loving Memory”

Dreamspell Goddess book cover

“My Dinner With Andrew”


“Keeper of the Tree”

black rose

“The Park”

asphalt jungle

“Another Friday Night”

midnight gallery1

“The Meadow”

69 flavors of paranoia

“Nothing But Air”

midnight gallery

“Don’t Trick or Treat at Old Man Farraday’s House”

outer darkness

“Grandpa’s Watch”

blue lady



“A Broken Promise”

kracked mirror

“The Witness”

freezer burn

“Dog of the House”

just write

“A Mistake”

iguana informer

“The Devil Takes a Vacation”

heliocentric net

“The Frozen Lake”

gatherin darkness

“Autumnal Equinox”