Silent Kill

Silent Kill
Series: Louise Miller mysteries, Book 1
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: L & L Dreamspell
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781603182300
Police must follow a labyrinth, leading into the darkest tunnel of a twisted mind. A mind that carries no value for human life....

Minneapolis police officer Louise Miller has attitude. Not only does she have to deal with the good old boy mentality of the department, but she’s also a gay police officer who has to deal with harassment on a higher level. When one of her few friends on the force goes missing Miller investigates, despite her captain's order to leave it to the detectives.

As Miller scours the precinct for any sign of the missing officer, Elias Boughton is on a psychopathic rampage. Kidnapping and murder are games he plays, blindly obeying a voice from his past. As the body count rises, Miller is convinced the detectives are heading in the wrong direction. Trying to fit the puzzle together, each clue revolves around a particular Rottweiler. As the mystery unravels so does her life, and the case becomes more personal than she ever dared imagine. …
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From a 5-Star Review on Amazon

Silent Kill is the 306-page suspense novel recently written by David Fingerman, author of the thriller short story compilation Edging Past Reality that did for the literary senses what Twilight Zone did for a generation growing up with television. For those who read Edging Past Reality, the good news is that the author did exactly what you hoped he would do when you were reading the short stories; he took one just like them and ran with it. Fingerman puts the reader inside that sadistic mindset much the way the movie Saw puts it up on the silver screen, and if that doesn’t scare you then grab a hold of your hats, cause next he puts you inside the minds of Boughton’s victims. `A shudder suddenly ran down the doctor’s spine. Could he bring himself to do unnecessary surgery just to get a possible weapon? Could he actually kill another human being, even if it were in self defense?’ Fingerman lets the reader merge with the story, feeling the adrenalin of every character’s thoughts and choices. He immerses you in the human condition as you accompany Louise through her struggles of coming out, or facing temptation on the job to pocket tainted money. He drenches us with the question of human courageousness and how close a victim will assimilate with the criminal in order to survive a horrendous life threatening ordeal much like Dr. Hout, Melanie Cartier, and Dr. Gillespy do within the threads of Silent Kill. Most of all, Fingerman colors us with the psychosis of a sadist and how he is still capable of feeling affection for his pet dog that he trained to kill people on command, as with Elias Boughton. It’s that human condition that weaves us through Louise’s investigation of the mystery that compels the reader to keep turning the pages even when the side of humanity that is displayed there is sometimes difficult to witness. When Louise uses a dog as bait to catch Elias, Fingerman walks us down that ultimate corridor of climax, with a crescendo of human flaws and achievements that will satisfy every reader that the story was told completely and in a way that makes the hair on your neck stand up as the chill passes down your spine…..

Amazon reviewer nsilveria

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