Two Degrees Closer to Hell book cover

Shadows in the Dark

From the author of “Two Degrees Closer to Hell” and “Edging Past Reality.”

Highly recommended to be read just before bedtime.

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Two Degrees Closer to Hell book cover

Two Degrees Closer to Hell

Speculative fiction writer, David Fingerman, is back with a series of short stories guaranteed to curl your toes and raise your hair. If you’re looking for some quick thrills, let these stories take you on a ride that will bring you two degrees closer to Hell.

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Silent Kill

Minneapolis police officer Louise Miller has attitude. When one of her few friends on the force goes missing Miller investigates, despite her captain’s order to leave it to the detectives.

Playing the Hand She’s Dealt

Unemployed and addicted to gambling, ex-cop Louise Miller comes home from the casino to find her front door unlocked and a corpse sitting on her sofa.




When Spyder finds his girlfriend dead as the result of drugs he supplied, he decides it’s time to do what he’s avoided most of his days—join mainstream society. Unfortunately, all the dregs he’s ever known want their say.

Edging Past Reality

Get ready to expect the unexpected when you read this collection of chilling short stories. The short stories of Edging Past Reality will take you to the precipice of reason and then push you over the edge.

The mind of David Fingerman is a fearsome place; the people, events, creatures and images that come out of that mind onto the pages of his book will bring tension to the nerves of the bravest reader. It is not a book to be read on the way to bed. You’ll want all the lights on and the doors locked.

Steve McKinley, Amazon reviewer